Old Roman road through Grovely Wood, Wiltshire


Escapism is all about exploring the countryside of Great Britain by bicycle and connecting with each other, nature and the environment in the process.

More cyclists are venturing off-road to get away from busy roads and to enjoy the countryside. We aim to provide scenic routes rich in nature and history, and information/advice on how best to experience them.

There is a vast network of bridleways, byways and narrow "green" country lanes available to cyclists. These tracks and trails are usually rich in nature, historic sights and quirky discoveries you won't usually find whilst cycling on big roads.

We also want to inspire you to head out on your bike and explore. Follow lanes until they turn into a track. If you find a dead-end, turn around and try another. The idea is to enjoy being outside in nature, see things you might not have seen before and just lose yourself for a while.


The type of bike recommended for cycling off road is any bike! That said if you want a more comfortable ride, reduce your risk of punctures and have more grip on loose surfaces then a bike with wide tyres is always better. We'd suggest tyres around 2 inches wide, these can be smooth unless you plan on cycling in wet/muddy conditions where a tyre with a knobbly tread would be better suited.


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