Friday 25th June 2021

You may have heard of biodynamic and planting seeds on a full moon, but it is much more than that...

Based on the work of scientist and philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s, the biodynamic ethos helps farmers and gardeners combine scientific knowledge with the spirit of nature to grow organic produce ecologically and ethically.

Biodynamic works in harmony with the rhythms of nature, from seasonal variations to the cycles of the sun, moon and planets. These all influence the optimal times for cultivating, planting and harvesting.

The individual elements of farms like fields, hedgerows, woods, meadows, ponds, animals, insects and workers are all harmonised into one big organism that functions holistically, dynamically, socially and spiritually. Not only is it sustainable, improving the soil rather than depleting it, it also encourages biodiversity.

Farm animals are free range, treated humanely and fed with their mother's milk or with food grown on the farm that is natural to them.

It also promotes social and economic health integrating with the community including restaurants and schools.



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