In Pursuit Of Spring

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

“It is not yet spring. Spring is being dreamed and the dream is more wonderful and more blessed than ever was spring. What the hour of waking will bring forth is not known, catch at the dreams as they hover.”

I think all cyclists have that feeling in February and early March. Winter is slowly receding, the mornings and nights are slowly becoming lighter and nature is springing into life. We all start dreaming of those warm Spring days when the roads are dry and you don't need to wear full Winter kit or overshoes.

The book is an enchanting story of a bicycle journey across the countryside of southern England in a time before the world wars.


The Lost Photographs

Whilst cataloguing the archive of Edward Thomas, Alison Harvey found an envelope with the photographs he had taken during the trip. These were then used when republishing the book a century later by Little Toller. Read more here and here.


Pannier CC has an article about two cyclists tracing the steps of Edward Thomas.

John Edward also wrote a book about his journey along the route.


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