The Moon

Friday 26th March 2021

Every Fourth Friday: There's a full Moon on Sunday, the peak of its energy where things will feel more intense and emotions heightened. Spring Equinox has also just passed and the Sun has entered the cardinal sign of Aries, the first astrological sign and which marks the official start to the year.

What does this mean? The Moon is your soul, your inner voice that ebbs and flows in a rhythm and cycle. At its peak with the full Moon comes clarity, energy and more often than not, chaos. But you can embrace it to your advantage. The exact effects will depend on the zodiac sign it is occurring in so will vary throughout the year. Either way the few days around the full Moon will bring illumination and vibrancy to complete important projects and goals you set at the new Moon around 15 days ago. You may feel exhausted after, but as the Moon wanes you can start to unwind. This is a good time to leave behind anything negative in your life.

At the opposite half of the cycle is the new Moon, the dark Moon. As it approaches it's a quiet time for reflection and relaxation. Slow up, look inward and take time out from the usual hustle and bustle. This is also a time of a new beginning, a spark of energy to foster and grow into something bigger. A time to make new plans and intentions for the phase ahead.
Over the next two weeks towards the full Moon you'll have the energy building to bring these plans into fruition.

Add astrological events to your calendar like this one. You can then track the moon phases and see how much difference it makes when you synchronise with them.


The Sun

For the Sun, passing into Aries via the Equinox it means a new start to the year, a new chapter initiating new life. The long dark nights are behind us and nature is springing into life all around. Your energy levels will rise and in harmony with the Moon exciting new endeavours can be actioned.


Life is circular, and the more we move away from a linear lifestyle the better we'll all be for it.

Eventually we'll all be back living our lives to the rhythms of the Moon, the Sun, the planets and nature as a whole.

We'll come back to this in October as the Sun moves into Libra on the Autumn Equinox and what it means for the next six months.